3D Character Artist, Seeking Freelance or Full-Time roles

Portfolio of Angelo Gazzia


Angelo Gazzia originally from Miami Florida moved to Los Angeles California to pursue his dream in the entertainment industry. At a young age he notices his potential in building and creating things. Always destroying his father’s tools to figure out how they work and how to create new tools from them. In high school he had opportunity to try several electives that focused him down the route of a creative artist. There was always this spark that attracted him to robotic. The amazing forms of machinery and the complex function of the human body. Still he never was sure what he can do with that desire. In collages he took several design courses in computer animation that attracted him in creating stuff, but still felt he was missing something. By the end of college he took traditional sculpting and Zbrush courses igniting a passion of creating thru sculpting.   Finally realizing his world was in character modeling he pursued to practice as much as he can. Now more than ever he always pushes himself to be the best of an artist as he can be modeling and designing Characters.